the purest gem armed by Palm beach is the real local treasure in Sydney. With crystal clear water, beautiful Scotland Island and so many secret beaches, sailing around Pittwater are ideal for people looking for a real retreat and searching for tranquillity.
Mooring at some secret beaches with BBQ onboard, feeling the luxurious private area, enjoying the water, champagne and gourmet, the whole journey will turn to an exploring journey suitable for the whole family.


4 hours Sailing Tour in Pittwater: AUD 1,800

Some authentic waterfront restaurant

are still waiting to serve you the best food and picturesque scene.
As always, the friendly skippers are eager to help and transfer any skill you like to get in sailing. Our yacht master with the Chinese background and language skill is willing to join by request.
Stylish selected catering and drinks aboard are always complimentary and a hostess is available on request.

Weather Forecast

Partly Cloudy
Tomorrow 08/18 20%
High 22° / Low 9°
Partly Cloudy
Sunday 08/19 10%
High 16° / Low 8°
Partly Cloudy
Monday 08/20 0%
High 15° / Low 7°