The best indulging experience

for visitors outside Sydney is having the astonishing view of Sydney Harbour while sailing through clear water aboard a luxury yacht.
EastYacht with the group of skilful and experience tender skippers and the full range of luxury yachts makes the sailing in the world class scene an easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable journey.


4 hours Sailing Tour in Sydney Harbour: AUD 1,800

One glass of Champaign

on the decks, lunch in a tranquil bay or just relax watching the kids swimming in the blue water, whatever plan, East yacht skippers will accomplish it with care and skill to ensure an unforgettable memory in the bright sun and fresh air for everyone onboard.
Our yacht master with the Chinese background and language skill is willing to join by request.
Stylish selected catering and drinks aboard are always complimentary and a hostess is available on request.

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